A wave of instant noodles (again) with worrying appearance but not (o) wrong (k) taste

Unify! And it's the kind of packaging in my personal impression, not the ancient style of dried pork noodles. There are cabbage buns with sauce buns and powder, and the packaging is not low in value, and they are named separately haha. The powder bag is responsible for the temperament, the vegetable bag is responsible for the appearance, and the sauce bag isForgot (.< /p>

Breads are super sweet! It's round! It just fits into my little milk pot! Every time I use this pot to cook noodles, I have to boil the noodles half softly first. I was moved to cry. In addition to the taste of the sauce, the mushroom soup has the umami taste of the mushrooms. The mushrooms are the best in the world! Blow up the mushrooms!

But my poached egg is broken, and it's just low. And I still put the vegetable bag before the eggs, so the vegetable bag and the egg are entangled, and suddenly instant noodles are very common 

The pork ribs noodles are very fragrant and fresh! Salty and fresh. Everyone knows the reputation of unity, and I won't say much! The noodles are very gluten and elastic, which is the unified classic noodles! But I actually thought that the noodles were delicious without the side dishes. Hahaha I don't know what happened to me that day😂

Forgot to post it or not, it should be: a bowl of plain winter vegetable doll noodles👇I didn't do any tricks, even if the lettuce boiled noodles lay an egg, and the egg white and yolk were separated, I was also very helpless. The leaves are all cut to make a salad, so I only have a stick of lettuce🤦‍♀️The noodles are very glutinous, and the soup is very fresh and homely. 👌So cute👌

I know the photos are very ugly, but the hot pot noodles are delicious when mixed well👇 (I cried aloud because I can't take pictures) I personally like this taste, it's spicy, the aroma of various spices and seasonings explode directly on the taste buds. Looking at the comments, it seems that everyone's evaluation of this powder seasoning is not very high, but I personally think it is delicious👌As a For a foodie who can't walk after seeing the powder, this powder is also very good.👌The tendons are crystal clear, I am also very satisfied👌

Hahaha my other side dish chow mein! I changed it to a large shallow bowl, otherwise the original bowl would not be able to mix the noodles. This golden mushroom crispy bamboo shoots are really delicious, but the color is exactly the same as the noodles, I can't tell which is the noodles and which is the bamboo shoots hahaha A color scheme that even broccoli can't save!

Universal ramen pancakes are large in weight, thick in body, glutinous, and low in price.👌There is no soup base.flexible. Wherever you need to move, this bread may be the definition of omnipotence. 👌

The crispy bamboo shoots with enoki mushrooms are quite normal, and I was moved to tears after I just finished eating the willow shiitake mushrooms. Xian Xiankou (again, no way, I am a salty person) Bring a little bit of a little bit The spicy taste I ordered, I ate half a bowl and didn't pay much attention to it.The selection of enoki mushrooms and bamboo shoots is good , Especially the bamboo shoots, there are almost no older bamboo shoots, they are all crunchy. But the bamboo shoots are also relatively short, especially when they are made with noodles < /span>

Anyway, this fried instant noodles with crispy bamboo shoots and mushrooms is really cute, but speaking of it, I don’t know why I always believe it has the smell of roasted pork skin< span class="s2">… Is it a hallucination that I haven’t eaten skin for too long?

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哈哈哈我的另一份下饭菜炒面!换了个大口浅碗装,不然原来的碗怕面坨拌不开。这个金菇脆笋真的是好吃了,就是颜色和面一模一样,根本分不清哪是面哪是笋哈哈哈 连西兰花都拯救不了的配色!