I bought two at one time and divided them into two days for breakfast 😂 Whether it's mild or spicy, it's delicious! If you want to taste the freshness of the 越南粉 soup base, choose - slightly spicy. If you usually eat 越南粉 and like to add various ingredients, choose - spicy. I love both, if you ask which one you prefer, I prefer the spicy one (red) It tastes more delicious~ ps: It must be scalding hot water to be delicious!
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一次性买了俩款,分作两天的早餐😂 不管是微辣的还是辣的都好好吃! 如果你想尝到越南粉汤底的鲜呢,选-微辣。 如果你平时吃越南粉也爱加各种料的话,选-辣的。 两款都很爱,如果问偏爱哪款,我更喜欢辣的(红色) 吃起来更香~ ps:必须是滚烫的热水泡才好吃哦!