The occasional 晒单 is here again! Let’s talk about the quick hot pot first, because my class schedule is quite full, and I can eat a cow every time I come home hungry. This quick hot pot is my favorite magic weapon recently. ❣️The lotus root slices are definitely praised👍🏻 #飛食拉# The amount is enough for a person with a small appetite like me to eat two meals. #sesame sauce# Malatang and sesame sauce are a perfect match. And for people like me who don't like stirring paddles, this brand is the best choice, it's super fragrant. # Dry goods# Because it is eaten by one person, the amount of food is relatively small, and it will be broken if too many things are eaten, so work has become something that is both convenient to store and easy to use. In short, you will know when you often read my list. I don't mark the connection, the taste is mediocre, and all the delicious things have links.
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不定期的晒单又来了! 先来说说快捷火锅吧,因为我课表比较满,每次回到家都饿的可以吃下一头牛,这个快捷火锅就是我最近最爱的法宝了。 ❣️藕片绝对是大赞👍🏻 #开饭啦# 的量足够我这种小胃口的人吃上两顿的。 #芝麻酱# 麻辣烫和芝麻酱是绝配的说。而且像我这种不喜欢搅拌桨的人,这个牌子就是最好的选择,超级香。 #干货# 因为是一个人吃,饭量比较小,个多东西吃不完就坏了,所以干活就成了既方便储存又好用的东西。 总之经常看我的单你就知道了,我没有标记连接的味道都是平平,好吃的东西全有链接。