Show off my snack spree~

This box is amazing, and it's still loving!

Bought two boxes of snacks this time, one CAshipped  aNJShipped Arrived same day Super fun! Immediately unpack the package📦, come to post the order~

PS: one box10Several packs of snacks, another box of 30multiple packs. There should be 50+eatables😝😝😝

One case9lb, one case11lb hard workupsdelivery brother span>😂😂

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这次买了两箱零食,一个CA发货  一个NJ发货 同一天到了 超级开心!马上拆了包裹📦,就来晒单啦~


一箱9lb,一箱11lb 辛苦ups送货的小哥哥了😂😂