【Simple Grilled Chicken Wings】

Fried Chicken Easy Baked Wings! ~It's so easy! ~

I can't cook! It's really not like that! It's all dark cooking! I don't even eat it myself...

I learned to bake chicken wings with my friends later, but I didn't expect it to be a success! Then grilled chicken wings is my specialty! !

—————————Materials———— ————————

Chicken wings:4pcs (because I don't have enough followers)

New Orleans' delicious marinade:1package (one packet of powder can be made multiple times)

Eggs:1only (One? One? One??)


1⃣️ Slice twice on the chicken wings first This is more delicious , and then use the kitchen The paper absorbs the water from the chicken wings, so be sure to dry them! Otherwise, the chicken wings will run out of spicy blood. The skin will not be crispy when roasted

2⃣️ After blotting Pour in the marinade I do it by feel! As long as each one is covered with the ingredients (more flavor will be the key), it will be better if you add a little chili powder

After the marinade is ready Put it there and wait 10mins or so < /span>

3⃣️ At this time we have to preheat the oven 410F 5-10minutes mine is Small oven I just preheated5< span class="s1">minutes

Time is up Put it right in and bake it 410F 10min🌟

4⃣️15mins later Take out and turn over Put it in and continue to bake< span class="s2">10minutes

5⃣️Take it out Spread a little egg yolk on the surface or honey Bake again2-3minutes The color will look great! (You can omit this step)

It's done! ! ~ It's really delicious!

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后面跟朋友学了烤鸡翅,没想到好成功!之后 烤鸡翅就是我的拿手菜!!


鸡翅:4 (因为我的粉不够了)

新奥尔良美味佳腌料:1 (一包粉可以做好多次)



1⃣️ 先在鸡翅上划两刀 这样比较好入味 ,然后用厨房用纸把鸡翅的水吸干,一定要弄干噢!不然鸡翅辣个血水就会跑出来 烤起来皮就不脆了

2⃣️ 吸干之后 把腌料倒进去 我都是靠感觉倒的!只要每只都有沾到料就行(倒多点味道就会重点)加点辣椒粉上去会更好次

腌料都放好后 就放在那里等10分钟左右 

3⃣️ 这个时候我们要预热烤箱 410F· 5-10分钟 我的是小烤箱 我就只预热了5分钟

时间到了 直接放进去烤啦 410F· 10分钟🌟

4⃣️15分钟后 拿出来翻面 放进去继续烤10分钟

5⃣️拿出来 在表面涂上一点蛋黄 或者蜂蜜 再烤2-3分钟 颜色就会很好看!(这一步你可以省略)

就完成啦!!~ 真的超香的!