I want to eat chicken feet today, let's make it now! 【Spicy Chicken Feet with Oyster Sauce】

I really want to put this recipe in the snack area……From small to large I never like to eat popcorn while watching a movie, it is too sweet, I like to eat chicken feet🐔……

This dish is suitable for side dishes. It is soft and delicious, and it is not difficult to make. You must try it when you have time!

Three indispensable characters: oyster sauce, dried chili, and star anise.  

Ingredients: chicken feet, oyster sauce, dried chili, star anise, soy sauce, oil.

Take the chicken feet first, and make a small mouth in the center of the palm to make it easier to taste. If you have a large kitchen knife or scissors at home, you can cut off the chicken nails.  

Wash the treated chicken feet into a pot, add water to boil, and pick up the chicken feet for later use. You can put some ginger slices and cooking wine in the cooking process to remove the fishy smell.  

Start another wok, add oil when the wok is hot, add an star anise when the oil is hot, and fry its aroma.  

Then add dried chili peppers, stir-fry until fragrant, and control how much you add, this dried chili pepper is not too spicy.  

Add chicken feet, fry for a while, then add three tablespoons of oyster sauce, three tablespoons of soy sauce, if you have dark soy sauce, you can also add some color, pour 100 ml of water, I The larger the pot is, there is about this much, less than half of the chicken feet.

Turn to medium and low heat and simmer, cover the pot, and turn it every five minutes. When the juice is almost gone, turn on the high heat and collect the juice, and you are ready to serve!  

Ah, delicious😋

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