There's nothing I can't add! ! My husband's love for fans is deeper than his love for me, so if I have nothing to do, I have to go to a pho and eat a fan. Sometimes I'm too lazy to go out and snail noodles are really a good choice. There are more kinds of ingredients in Liu Quan, and it is a bit spicy. Haohuan snails are not so stinky, and they are still more fragrant after cooking. Also, snail powder is snail (sī) powder, not snail (shī) powder. Hahahahahaha. .
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没有什么是我不能加的!! 老公对粉的热爱比爱我还深,没事就要去个pho,吃个粉。 有时候实在太懒,不想出门螺蛳粉真的是很好的选择。 柳全里面的料的种类比较多,辣一点。好欢螺没有那么臭,煮完还是比较香的。 还有,螺蛳粉是螺蛳(sī)粉,不是螺蛳(shī)粉。哈哈哈哈哈哈。。