Favorite among all kinds of snail noodles

I didn't like eating this kind of powder very much before, but since I finished eating snail powder, I completely fell in love with it~ It's something that can't be done. (Silently, I doubt whether the snail powder has given me medicine, making me so obsessed 😂😂)

I didn't eat a lot of snail powder brands, I just ate Hao Huan snail and snail bawang, because the other packaging didn't look very delicious, 😁😁 (One for the Appearance Association, even the snail powder can't escape. Clutch). I only like boiled snail noodles, hey, picky eaters.

I personally think that Luobawang has the most powerful sour and refreshing taste, and the chili oil is also very fragrant. The most important thing is that the noodles are thick enough. Haohuanluo is also delicious, but the noodles are a little thin, and then the taste is not as good as that of Luobawang. Penetration, hehe. But overall, both of them were delicious.

I first fell in love with eating snail noodles. Later, out of curiosity, my boyfriend also ate a bag. I can eat a little.) When he was eating, he was sweating and drinking water, hahahaha (I poured a whole bag of chili oil into it), and he ate like this. After he finished eating, he said to me: " Mmmm, delicious, delicious, although spicy, but delicious." After that, we both got out of control, and for a while, we ate snail noodles for a week in a row. Ha ha ha ha.

We even ate snail powder for a long time, which made me gain a lot of weight. Because it is so delicious, every time we go to the supermarket, we will buy several packs, and we can also buy them in boxes on Yamibuy.


It's a really big box. I'm losing weight now. This half box was completely snatched by my boyfriend. It's really angry to see that I can't eat it😢.

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