Wow Kaka Kaka is finally here! 12% off the whole site is really great value! After seeing the box 📦 posted by Xiao Er in the circle of friends, I am more and more looking forward to it~~ It finally arrived this afternoon! This time I bought quite a lot, I have repurchased and tried it, and I also received a red envelope! ! The two facial cleansers from Anli Tusan are overpriced. The pink is for whitening and firming, and the green is for cleaning. I bought it for my brother. Come and grab snacks with me as soon as the goods arrive today...emmm dear brother 🙄️ Haitai's potato The slices are really sweet and greasy for me, and the amount is quite small. The sugar in picture 4 and the chocolate in picture 5 are really my favorites! ! Amway for you! ! Be sure to try it, I'm in the pit of these two and can't get out 😷 The cotton pad at the bottom of Figure 5 is really easy to use, and it's very cheap, I have repurchased it many times~~ Wet compress is necessary~~ I put on makeup a while ago. The cotton is out of stock and I am desperate... A lot of things I want to buy are out of stock, hey... But such a big box... enough for me to eat for a while~~ Finally, ask for a free order🙈💙
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哇卡卡卡卡卡终于到啦!全场88折真的超值!看到小二在朋友圈晒的箱子📦之后越来越期待啦~~今天下午终于到啦!这次买的还算蛮多的,有回购也有尝试,还收到了红包!!强行安利图三的两款洗面奶 超值,粉色是美白紧致的,绿色是清洁一些给我哥买的,今天东西一到货就来跟我抢零食……emmm亲哥🙄️海太的薯片对我来说真的是有点甜和腻,量还挺少的,图四的糖,图五的巧克力真的是我的最爱!!安利给你们!!一定要试试,我是入了这俩的坑出不来了😷图五最下面的化妆棉真的很好使,而且很便宜,多次回购了~~湿敷必备~~前阵子化妆棉没货也是绝望死…好多想买的都没货了,哎……不过这么一大箱…够我吃一段时间啦~~最后 求免单哦🙈💙