See you late snacks! Definitely bought more than five times, the delicious food can't stop~ 【Fast food】 1. Yumei Sichuan Maocai Boxed has been out of stock, it is best to include vegetables and it is very convenient to eat, Accidentally found a boxed box with five bags. The taste and materials are the same as the boxed ones. There are potatoes, bamboo shoots, fungus and vegetarian leaves in none of the bags. The most important thing is to be spicy enough! For those who can't eat spicy food, be careful to add the base package~ 2. Good buddy rice noodle pickled cabbage/clear soup Good buddy's hot and sour powder is the first famous pickled pepper is not as delicious as the original, I stumbled upon rice noodles by accident, and I was pleasantly surprised! The rice noodles are chewy, not particularly soft and sticky, but don't cook for too long The soup taste is relatively light, the seasoning will come with pickled cabbage, and crunchy fried soybeans~ After buying a few packs, it started to run out of stock frequently 😭 【P0 class】 1. Yay potatoes! ! honey butter 2. Orion Honey Butter Crisps Basically, every time you place an order, you will buy it as long as it is in stock! When honey butter was very popular, I never tried it! After I bought it once, I couldn't help myself 😂 The combination of light sweetness and rich milk flavor is really delicious and can't stop~ I will suck my fingers after eating! hahaha~ 3. Zhenzhen Wasabi Sushi Potato Chips Friends who love mustard can come here! There is a mustard bag in the potato chips, which is very special! The mixture of mustard and potato chips, shake very evenly~ Wasabi isn't heavy enough to shed tears, but it's so refreshing! 4. Little Boss Seaweed I used to buy seaweed rolls all the time. This sesame thick seaweed tastes really fragrant and crispy. But the only downside is that one bag is too small. 5. Lao Yang Salted Egg Yolk Cake Rich salted egg yolk taste, very crispy. I can't stop eating several at a time. But if you eat too much, it will be a little greasy. It is good to prepare a light cup of tea or juice. 6. Want Want Big Senbei Crisp Especially suitable for sharing with friends during gatherings, There are many in a bag, all individually packaged. The enlarged version of the small crispy, will eat several at a time. 【Candy】 This matcha chocolate is super delicious! Friends who love matcha must buy! The combination of the bitter taste of matcha and the sweetness of chocolate is perfect.
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相见恨晚的零食们! 绝对购买超过五次以上,好吃停不下来~ 【速食类】 1.与美 四川冒菜 盒装一直断货 最好包含蔬菜吃起来很方便, 无意间发现了盒装 一盒有五袋 味道和材料和盒装一样,没一袋里面有土豆,笋片,木耳和素百叶,感觉深夜泡一碗,也不会很罪恶~ 最重要的是够辣!不太能吃辣的小伙伴,底料包要慎加~ 2.好哥们米线 酸菜/清汤 好哥们家的酸辣粉是最先出名的 泡椒没有原味好吃, 无意间发现出了米线,很惊喜! 米线有嚼劲,没有特别的软糯,不过千万不要煮太久 汤味比较清淡,调料里面会附赠酸菜,还有脆脆的炸黄豆粒~ 买了几包之后,就开始经常断货😭 【膨化类】 1.呀 土豆!!蜂蜜黄油 2.好丽友 蜂蜜黄油薯片 这两个基本上每次下单,只要有货就会买! 蜂蜜黄油很很火的时候,一直没有尝试! 后来买了一次之后就无法自拔了😂 淡淡的甜味和浓郁的奶味融合,真的好吃到停不下来~吃完还会吮指!哈哈哈~ 3.珍珍 芥末寿司味薯片 爱吃芥末的小伙伴可以看过来! 薯片里面有一包芥末包,很特别的吃法! 芥末和薯片的混合,摇完很均匀~ 芥末不会重到掉眼泪,但是很爽! 4.小老板 紫菜 以前一直买的是紫菜卷,这款芝麻厚紫菜,吃起来真的很香很薄脆。但是唯一的不足是一袋太少了。 5.老杨 咸蛋黄饼 浓郁的咸蛋黄味道,很酥。一次吃好几个停不下来。但是吃多了会稍微有点腻,准备一杯清淡点的茶或果汁不错。 6.旺旺 大仙贝酥 特别适合聚会的时候和朋友分享, 一袋里面有好多个,都是独立包装。放大版的小小酥,一次会吃好几个。 【糖果类】 这款抹茶巧克力,超级好吃!爱抹茶的小伙伴必须买!抹茶苦苦的味道和巧克力的甜的融合,很完美。