I bought a bunch of New Year's goods from Yamitun, Super delicious lactic acid bacteria drink Childhood memories of Wangzai milk Langweixian Shredded squid yogurt biscuits chestnut Stable and intimate Xiaojiu warm baby Aunt Sophie towel Shiquan fruit vinegar that I haven't tried yet Grassed Peach Water Watermelon Water Mango Water Hot Dry Noodles Thor Chocolate Whether it's food or drink, it's all about the shape of love
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从亚米屯了一堆年货, 超极好喝的乳酸菌饮料 童年回忆的旺仔牛奶浪味仙 追剧必备的鱿鱼丝酸奶饼干板栗 安稳贴心的小久保暖宝宝苏菲姨妈巾 还没尝试的十全水果醋 被种草的桃子水西瓜水芒果水热干面雷神巧克力 不管是吃的喝的用的都是爱你的形状 表白亚米~祝亚米越来越好❤️❤️