I bought a super large box of snacks and drinks, cold skins, etc., and sent them directly from the Meidong warehouse. It arrived in two days. I used to wait a week every time. No, hurry up and put everything in the storage cabinet. If you are too lazy to take them out and take pictures one by one, just be lazy and take a picture of the red envelope! The first time I posted an order, I was so lazy to take pictures. I don’t know if I will be despised 😂 In the new year, I hope that Yamibuy and everyone will go well, everyone will be richer, red envelopes are often given, happiness will last forever, hahaha ! Prosperous Year of the Dog!
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买了超大一箱零食饮料凉皮啥的,直接从美东仓库发的,超快两天就到了,以前每次都是要等一周,捉急的不行😂,看到亚米的箱子就兴奋的不行赶紧打开把东西都放到了囤货柜子里,懒得拿出来一一拍照了,就偷懒的照一下红包吧!头一次晒单就这么偷懒的拍照不知道会不会遭鄙视 😂新的一年希望亚米网和大家都事事顺心如意,个个都更加有钱,红包常常有,幸福到永久,哈哈哈!狗年旺旺旺!