Forgive me for the poor picture quality... I finally got what I wanted! Both the hot pot base and chili noodles are from Liu Po's - I really can't find a better brand than this! Ah Kuan's family's red oil noodles and bedding are also 无限回购 Not to mention Weilong, Changsha people like it very much! Tired of instant noodles to wrap hor fun - low calorie and delicious, delicious ~ Haohuan snail noodles and Yingduo fried noodles are a must-buy for every order~ Putting some mung bean powder in the hot pot is also super good! You can also cook Yangchun noodles and fried noodles by yourself, this order is simply perfect 💞
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原谅我这糟糕的图片质量... 我终于买全了想要的! 火锅底料和辣椒面都是六婆家的 - 我真的找不到比这个更好吃的牌子了! 阿宽家的红油面皮和铺盖面也是无限回购啊 卫龙更不用说,长沙人很喜欢! 方便面吃腻了来包河粉 - 热量低又美味,美滋滋~ 好欢螺螺蛳粉和营多炒面是每单必买~ 火锅里面放点绿豆粉也超级棒! 还可以自己煮阳春面,炸酱面,这一单简直太完美💞