Chow mein noodles with XO sauce The fried noodles in XO sauce ordered by Yamibuy arrived, and I couldn't wait to fry them for an interview at night. The taste is not inferior to the salted egg yolk + Lee Kum Kee XO sauce version of the XO sauce slapped chow mein that I made before. The noodles are very flexible, which is very suitable for fried noodles. The buns will be slightly salty, although the buns are not as natural as the real XO sauce, but they are also very pleasing. After all, XO sauce is too expensive. To achieve the taste of instant noodles, it is estimated that you need to put 1/3 of the bottle. Next time, you can try adding half of the ingredients and half of Lee Kum Kee XO sauce. Required ingredients: 1 pack of instant noodles with XO sauce, shrimps, diced carrots, green beans, corn, sliced mushrooms, edible oil 1️⃣Cook the XO noodles for 2-2 and a half minutes, remove them from cold water. Cook the shrimp. 3️⃣Add cooking oil to the pot, fry the shrimp heads out of the shrimp oil, remove the shrimp heads and discard. Add the vegetables and stir fry, add the shrimps and stir fry, add the seasoning packet and stir fry evenly, then add the noodles and stir fry until the firmness is right.
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出前一丁XO酱炒面 在亚米网订的出前一丁XO酱炒面到货了,晚上迫不及待地炒面试了下。味道不亚于我之前做的咸蛋黄+李锦记XO酱版本的XO酱耳光炒面。 面条很Q弹,超适合用来做炒面。料包全加会略咸,料包虽然没有真正的XO酱味道那么自然,但也很讨喜。 毕竟XO酱太贵,要达到方便面的味道估计要放1/3瓶下去😂下次可以试试加一半料包一半李锦记XO酱。 所需食材:出前一丁XO酱方便面1包、虾仁、胡萝卜丁、青豆、玉米、口蘑片、食用油 1️⃣将XO面煮2-2分半钟,捞出过凉水。将虾仁煮熟。 3️⃣锅中加食用油,将虾头炒出虾油,捞出虾头弃掉。加入蔬菜炒熟,加入虾仁翻炒,加入料包翻炒均匀后加入面条翻炒至合适的硬度。