Yami's delivery is really getting faster and faster☺️, I bought it on Friday and it was mailed to a school in California on Monday; this order is mainly dry goods, snacks and drinks, I didn't buy noodles, and the natural yeast that has been waiting for a long time is finally replenished The goods are here~ I can have a big meal, I am super happy and super happy 🛒🥪🍛🍪🥂
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亚米发货真的是越来越快了啊 ☺️, 周五买的周一就邮到了加州的学校; 这单主要是干货, 零食 饮料, 没有买面, 还有等了好久的天然酵母终于补货了~可以大吃一顿了,超开心超开心🛒🥪🍛🍪🥂