Yami's "Perfect" red envelope, out of the box

Last unpacking in February,

 What is daily life, daily life is when you see a product with a special price or a price jump, you will frantically scan it.
 Aha! This time, one of Yami's 4 boxes gave 2 red envelopes, a total of 5.
 Show off this loot:
 Yamibuy buy one get one free coin purse.
At first I thought it was in the form of brewing, but I didn't expect it to be liquid, and the packaging was very good, each of which was used independently Yami's employees are very attentive when wrapping them in bubble paper.
  If you hold it on the street, the rate of return must be very high, passers-by will say: he bought it, he is actually drinking, I want to buy but can't buy, envy, envy, hate.
 Tang Daren is in stock, coconut milk is in stock, don't hesitate to place an order. I've been waiting for the coconut milk for almost a month.
& nbsp; the last of five 亚米红包 + 5, to cobble together ten "亚米红包"
 This is just the tip of the iceberg, there are 16 cabinets of commonly eaten snacks. readily available.

Perfect "Yamihong" has been collected, and the dragon will appear!

(The above is my last unboxing and sharing list in February) Thank you for your support, and give more likes. "Post 亚米红包 to win a free order

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 汤达人有货了,椰奶有货了,毫不犹豫的,下单。 椰奶都等了差不多一个月了