Let's evaluate Aroma's smart rice cooker I opened the package with great anticipation, and then washed it for the first time. After 8 hours of making an appointment, the porridge came out as shown in Figure 4 (///▽///) I think it is not bad and suitable for our family because this kind of porridge is suitable for Baby 😂😂 so soft hahaha Figure 5 is the normal cooking method of white rice o(≧v≦)o The rice is soft and glutinous. It's a lot easier than getting up early to make breakfast anyway. Parents are happy because they don't have to get up early to cook haha! The discount is very good and worth it!
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来评价下aroma的智能电饭煲 满怀期待的拆开包裹,然后进行洗刷刷后第一次试验煮粥 预约了8个小时 出来的粥见图四(///▽///) 我觉得还不错 适合我们家因为这样的粥适合宝宝😂😂挺软的哈哈哈 图五是white rice正常煮法o(≧v≦)o 米饭软糯很不错哦 反正比每天早晨早早起来弄早饭省事多了 爸妈开心因为他们不用起一大早做饭啦哈哈! 折扣入的 很不错 值得!