2018 "Yami Red Packet"-DIY-Pendant

Received 10 亚米红包, put them in the drawer, it is better to make a New Year's pendant.
materials needed:
1 scissors.
2 stapler.
3 ropes. (red, yellow)
4 crystal beads.
5 亚米红包.
Production starts:
1 Red packets are aligned face to face.
2 Staple around the edges after alignment (at least 4 times, before tightening)
3-4 After nailing, the front and back are as shown in Figure 3 and Figure 4.
5-7 Align each sheet in order, with the front side aligned with the front staples. (Check the front and back from time to time to see if the position is correct)
(There are 10 red packets, I used 9 for the fan blades and the last one for the handle)
8 Pin the red packet in half.
9 Pin the folded red packets on the left and right sides of the fan blade respectively,
Once nailed, the entire fan shape will appear. , adjust slowly, and fix the loose parts with more nails.
Add a pendant made of red rope. Finish.
Appreciation of works:

Many times, it takes a little thought to remodel and add items to your home. (Or contrive with kids to build even more in-person fun).

(The above is mine, 亚米红包-DIY-Pendant, sharing the production process) Like and favorite. Thank you all for your support.

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1 剪刀。
2 钉书机。
3 绳子。(红,黄)
4 水晶珠子。
5 亚米红包。
1 红包面对面对齐。
2 对齐后在边缘用钉书机打钉(至少4次,在紧实)
3-4 钉好后正面和后面如图三,图四。
5-7 按次序的对齐每张,正面对齐正面的钉。(时不时的正反面查看,是否位置正确)
8 把红包对折钉起来。
9 把对折的红包分别钉在扇叶的左边和右边,


(以上就是我的,亚米红包-DIY-挂件,制作过程分享) 喜欢的点赞收藏。感谢大家支持。