A good morning mask in the morning, full of vitality all day ~ I went to bed late at night, it’s hard to get up the next morning to fry chicken, there are wood and @.@and then my good friends around me are using this hot and unwanted good morning mask, so I started with it, it’s really good for me Personally, I prefer the grapefruit that tastes alright. It’s easy to put on makeup in the morning. Also, I want to say that the hyaluronic acid moisturizing stock solution that everyone recommends is also quite easy to use. After using it, the skin is smooth, apply this after washing the face, and then apply a blue pill mask, the skin is super moisturizing~
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早上一片早安面膜 整天元气满满~ 晚上睡晚了,第二天早上起床炒鸡困难啊,有木有@.@ 然后身边的好朋友都在用这个火的不要不要的早安面膜 所以我就入手啦 真的很好用哦 我个人更喜欢西柚那一款 味道还行早上上妆也容易 还有还有 我想说大家推荐的那个玻尿酸保湿原液也蛮好用的 用完皮肤滑滑的 洗完脸涂这个然后再贴一片蓝药丸面膜 皮肤超级滋润~