I bought a lot of snacks and this is the first time I posted an order, because I really feel that sharing is a very good thing. A lot of delicious food is the experience gained from the sharing of others. Okay, now let me tell you about my purchase experience this time! 1 Limin Sweet Noodle Sauce and Garlic Sauce As an authentic Tianjin native, these two sauces have not been said, and I feel very cordial when I see them, and they must be stocked when they are finally in stock. It is still the same taste. There is no substitute. 2 enoki mushrooms BESTORE is not as spicy as Jin Dazhou’s. Personally, I prefer the taste of Jin Dazhou. BESTORE can be used as a snack when I’m bored, each with its own advantages. 3 Sichuan pickled bamboo shoots I bought it to go with snail noodles, but it's actually quite delicious on its own. 4 snail powder After I was pregnant, I was very greedy for snail noodles. Now I finally insist on it until the late pregnancy. I can be a little bit arrogant. The most important taste is the snail king, but personally I prefer Huanluo to add volume, Liuquan is also good, each has its own advantages. Delicious and will repurchase! 5 Liupo hot pot base It's been out of stock for a long time, and I've been singing in my heart. I'm finally waiting for you, I haven't eaten it yet, I hope it won't disappoint me because I see many friends recommend Liupo 6 Spicy Space I ate this once at a friend's house, and it tasted pretty good, better than Haidilao, so I repurchased it this time. 7 Haitai's Honey Butter Potato Chips, I've been eating this all the time. I can destroy as much as I have. I can repurchase it infinitely. It's sweet but not greasy.
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买了很多次零食这是第一次晒单,因为真的觉得分享是一件非常好的事情。很多好吃的都是从别人的分享中得到的经验。好现在开始一次说说我这次的购买心得吧! 1 利民甜面酱和蒜蓉辣酱 作为一个地道的天津人这两个酱料没的说,看见倍感亲切,终于有货了必须屯,还是那个味道。无可替代。 2 金针菇 良品铺子没有金大洲的那么麻辣个人还是比较喜欢金大洲的口味比较下饭,良品铺子可以无聊的时候当零食,各有优点。 3 四川泡椒笋 买来为了配螺蛳粉的,但其实单吃也蛮好吃的。 4 螺蛳粉 怀孕后就是特别馋螺蛳粉,现在终于坚持到孕后期了可以小小的放肆一下,口味最重的是螺霸王,可是个人比较偏重好欢螺加量装,柳全也不错,各有优点都很好吃还会回购! 5 六婆火锅底料 没货了好久,内心一直在唱终于等到你,还没吃,希望不会让我失望因为看很多朋友都推荐六婆 6 麻辣空间 这个在朋友家吃过一次,味道还不错,比海底捞什么的好吃,所以这次回购了。 7 海太的蜂蜜黄油薯片,这个一直在吃,有多少就可以消灭多少,无限回购,甜而不腻。