Dr.Jart+ Pill Mask is my favorite mask, the rhythm of always stocking up ❤️ The masks I buy most are blue pills, followed by green pills The red one has used one or two tablets and is not repurchasing it. I don't like it very much! Blue Pill: Moisturizing First Aid Mask, which can strongly hydrate, moisturise and soften the skin, suitable for all dry and dehydrated skin Green Pill: Hydrating and soothing mask, can relieve allergies, soothe irritation, soothe and calm, suitable for sensitive, red blood, red and swollen skin Thin and docile, with a lot of essence, this is the best mask paper I have ever seen! The green pill has a medicinal smell, the blue pill has a fragrance, I like both ❤️ Unlimited repurchase pill mask 💊
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Dr.Jart+ 药丸面膜是我最爱的面膜 一直囤货的节奏❤️ 它们家的面膜我买最多的是蓝色药丸 接着是绿色药丸 红色那款用过一两片就没有在回购,不是很喜欢! 蓝色药丸:保湿急救面膜,可以强力补水、滋润保湿、柔嫩肌肤,适合所有干燥缺水的肌肤 绿色药丸:补水舒缓面膜,可以缓解过敏、舒缓刺激、安抚镇静,适合敏感、红血丝、红肿肌肤 薄透服帖、精华液很多 这是我见过很好的面膜纸! 绿药丸有一股药味 蓝色药丸味道是清香 两款都喜欢❤️ 无限回购的药丸面膜💊