📌The kitchen of fish fillets - homemade soy milk 😁 Before Yamibuy's soymilk machine was discounted, I bought this soymilk machine during the event 🤗The benefits of lazy people hahahaha 😄 🌟 Soymilk maker It has many functions and is easy to use. There are also tutorials on the manual, so don’t lose it~ You can make it by pressing juice, sitting in porridge with whole grains, etc. It can be said to be the best among lazy people. healthy 😋 Soak the beans one night in advance, add an appropriate amount of water, and do not exceed the maximum amount of water in the soymilk machine. In about half an hour, a pot of hot soymilk will be cooked. The fly in the ointment is to use a filter. Filter the bean dregs, but the happy thing is that the bean dregs are very finely ground, and you can cook about 2-3 cups at a time. Anyway, this machine is really practical for me and worth the money 😜 If you like my sharing, remember to follow me~💕
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yami_featured_image 📌鱼片的厨房—自制豆浆😁 之前亚米网豆浆机打折,趁活动的时候入了这款豆浆机🤗懒人的福利哈哈哈😄 🌟豆浆机 功能比较多,也很容易使用,说明书上面也有教程,不要丢了哦~榨果汁,坐五谷杂粮粥等等都可以做出来,可以说是懒人之中的佼佼者哈哈哈,喝的都是健康😋 提前一晚泡好豆子,加入适量的水,不要超过豆浆机里的最大限度的水量,大概半个钟左右的时间,一壶热腾腾的豆浆就煮好了,美中不足的就是要自己用过滤网过滤豆渣,不过开心的是豆渣磨的很细腻,一次大概可以煮2-3杯左右. 反正这个机器对我来说真的很实用,物有所值😜 如果喜欢我的分享 记得关注我哦~💕