I just received my order from the night before tonight. I ordered a lot of snacks this time. Because my relatives and children are coming to Southern California for their spring break, I bought some snacks for them to eat (I want to eat too :p ) The first time I tried it, I was the first to eat it, and it was delicious! Perhaps knowing that it is yam, my psychological burden is also very light! recommend! I will repurchase when I get a chance! Mimi shrimp-flavored shortbread, not delicious! No prawn taste at all! Not recommended! Korean sweet and spicy sauce is a repurchase, delicious and recommended! Laoganganma and Niutou brand red onion sauce, I bought it for a long time, I bought it when I saw a small can! Xindongyang is a famous brand, delicious but expensive! Want Want and Lang Wei Xian are my childhood memories! The brand itself is guaranteed to be delicious! Other products have not come and eaten yet, if you have eaten delicious food, you can recommend it, I will post the list again! Back to eat my fried yam! 😊
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今晚剛剛收到我前晚的定單,我這次定很多零食,因為有親戚的小朋友們要來南加州過春假,我買點零食給他們吃(我也想吃 :p )臥㔫山䒛我是第一次嘗試,我第一個就開來吃,很好吃!也許是知到是山葯 ,我的心理負擔也輕的很!推薦!我有機會也會回購!咪咪蝦味脆餅,不好吃!也沒有半點鮮蝦味!不推薦!韓式甜辣醬是回購,好吃推薦!老幹干媽和牛頭牌紅蔥醬,本身就長買,看到有小罐裝就買了!新東陽是名牌貨,好吃但好貴!旺旺和浪味仙是我小時的回味!品牌本身有保證好吃!其他產品還沒來的及吃,有吃到好吃可推薦,我再來晒单吧!回去吃我的炸山葯了!😊