Goods in the press box of cakes (2)

Hello everyone, it's still me, Pancake Man III!

My favorite drink todaydrinkstop 3< span class="s2">. Intimate pancakes, dragged the recommendation of good items to replenished and completed is only issued, so if it is planted, just click on the tag on the picture, you can Add to cart directly~

❤️ Kengwangfu Coconut Milk Refreshing

As a heavy coconut milk lover, every time I replenish and replenish, I must buy a lot of it. Bring a jar to work and school at any time, sweet and full.. The konjac and beans in it are refreshing Chewy and chewy, it goes well with the smoothness of coconut milk.

❤️ Coconut Brand Coconut Juice

Drinking from childhood to adulthood, the good taste in the same memory. Coconut Deserved number one in the juice category.

❤️ pineapple vinegar (dilution required)

Yami's new favorite, healthy and beneficial acetic acid drinks. I am Mix it with cold water at the ratio of 1:7, pour it into a glass bottle and drink it slowly.

Fairies remember not to pour sour drinks into metal-lined bottles~

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今天要說說我最愛的飲料top 3. 貼心的餅子,把好物推薦拖到了補貨補全了才發出來,所以被種草了只要按圖片上的tag,就能直接添加到購物車喔~

❤️ 坑王府 椰奶清補涼

作為重度椰汁愛好者,每次清補涼補貨都必須大量購買. 上班上學隨時帶一罐,香香甜甜又有飽腹感. 裡面的蒟蒻和豆類爽口彈牙有嚼勁,與椰奶的順滑配合無比.

❤️ 椰樹牌 椰汁

從小喝到大,不變的記憶中的好味道. 椰汁類別的第一當之無愧.

❤️ 菠蘿醋 (需要稀釋)

亞米飲料類新歡,健康有益的醋酸類飲品. 我是以1:7的比例涼水調開,倒入玻璃瓶慢慢喝的.