Let me come to the courier brother of Kuwa Yami! It's really powerful! The order placed at 2 o'clock in the middle of the night last night. Today, the strong wind and rain in LA did not affect the delivery at all. I delivered it to my door before get off work. The box is not wet. I am touched! ⬇️The following are good times and easy to use 👀 Children in Jiangsu learn about the delicious glutinous lotus root! It tastes like sugar lotus root sandwiched with glutinous rice. It can be said to be very good. Please hurry up and buy it! 👅 I am very excited when I bought VV Soybean Milk, childhood filter series, no more description needed 👀The steam eye mask is very soothing, the grapefruit flavor and chamomile smell the best, and it may be a little sleep aid 👄 Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste is promoted for a lifetime! Bleeding gums? nonexistent! 🐟 The dried cat fish that catches fish, I personally think that hin is a bit fishy, and the sweet and sour fish is not delicious. The kind that has been pulled up and uprooted ❤️Double Coin Brand Organic Red Dates are so big! It looks bigger than the picture! You can cook any kind of white fungus soup, make porridge, or soak in water in a thermos.
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快让我来夸夸亚米的快递小哥!真的太给力了!昨晚半夜2点下的单 今儿LA大风大雨一点没影响送货啊 我下班前就送到家门口了 箱子都没湿 敲感动! ⬇️下面是好次的好用的 👀江苏的小朋友们了解一下 香糯莲藕敲好吃!吃起来特别像糖藕夹糯米 可以说是非常棒了 大家抓紧时间买买买! 👅买到了维维豆奶灰常激动 童年滤镜系列 不需要再多加形容 👀蒸汽眼罩很苏胡 柚子味和洋甘菊最好闻了 可能还有点助眠 👄云南白药牙膏一生推!牙龈出血?不存在的! 🐟抓鱼的猫小鱼干个人觉得hin一般 有点腥 没有劲仔糖醋小鱼好吃 已拔草 连根拔起的那种 ❤️双钱牌有机红枣好大颗!比图片看着大多了!煮什么银耳汤煲粥或者放保温杯泡水都可以啊~90后养生走起走起