After eating a part of it, I remembered to post the order. Fortunately, there are still heavy samples in it~ Personally, I think the pineapple cake cut after the cut is more delicious, and the vegetarian beef has already suppressed the others in terms of quantity... Haha. The yellow bag of Haohuanluo is my favorite flavor of all the snail powders I have eaten, and I have eaten nearly ten kinds of snail powders. This sour plum soup is also recommended. I personally feel it is very delicious, and it is an artifact to relieve tiredness!
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吃掉了一部分才想起晒单,好在都还有重样的在里面~ 个人觉得后切的凤梨酥更好吃些,素牛肉看看数量上就已经压制其它了…哈哈。好欢螺这个黄色袋子是我目前吃所有螺狮粉里最喜欢的口味,少说也吃过近十种螺狮粉了。这个酸梅汤也推荐下,个人感觉很可口,解腻神器!