Buy 2 get 1 free 15% off snail noodles, have you found it? I placed an order before posting the order, as witty as me 😈 In the order, except for the recent new tomato snail powder, which does not participate in buy 2 get 1 free, the others will participate~ Taking advantage of the 15% discount, I also stocked up a bag of rice mask, which feels quite cost-effective, hhhhhh
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螺蛳粉买二送一再打8.5折你萌发现了嘛? 晒单前先下了一单,机智如我😈 下单的里面除了最近的新品番茄螺蛳粉不参与买二送一,其他几个都参加哦~ 趁8.5折还囤了一袋大米面膜,感觉挺划算的,hhhhhh