My daily maintenance tips

Let's talk about my daily maintenance today.First whitening and anti-aging One step is sun protection.Sun protection is always sun protection.< /p>

So I recommend one of my [Wannian Repurchase Sunscreen]

For several years in a row.I always choose Shiseido AnessaGolden Vial of Anessa.I have pushed it several times before.It's very useful.Whether it’s cloudy or snowy.More It's summertime.Sassafrass every day.reassures me.

I heard that Yamibuy is the first in the United States to release the latest version of Ansun.2018version.On the left is2018Latest version.So of course I'm going to snap it up .But the price is a bit expensive..Fortunately I got it Fast (Sure enough, it will be out of stock in a few days..Yami fast replenishment) The one on the left of the picture above is < /span>2018version. On the right is the 2017version.The appearance is basically similar.The overall color of the new version is not as golden as the old version.The new version of the cap also has a sky blue color. I think it must be a symbol of the sky.Sunscreen is ready. No matter how big the sun is.

The official website also introduces the latest small gold bottle which is equivalent to the old gold bottle+Silver bottle! Enhances the waterproof and sweat-proof functionality.Also increases the anti-friction effect.Exclusive tabular powder technology. Forms a lubricating film on the skin.Even r0 off easily.< /span>In addition to these functions,.The new version also adds a variety of skin care and beauty ingredients Oh.Sunscreen at the same time.Still anti-aging! It's really perfect~ If Yamibuy replenishes the stock.Everyone should start quickly.

Next is the mask.As Fan Bingbing said.When you have nothing to do, you must remember to make a mask (if you have no time, you should also take the time to make a mask). Only stick to the mask every day..The skin is in good condition.This is Korea'soozoo Acupuncture Whitening Mask. There are3 series.Pink has the functions of whitening, brightening and moisturizing oil control.Even pregnant women can use it safely.

How To Use:

1⃣️Press the button on the end of the syringe first.Then the top and bottom ingredients start to mix.Shake a few times.Make it even.

2⃣️Across the mouth of the mask bag.Introduce the injection essence into the mask.

3⃣️Cover the cap after injecting the essence.Pave the palm of your hand.Press the essence of the mask to evenly absorb the essence into the mask paper.

4⃣️Post it well.Remove the partition net

5⃣️Wait15~20minutes.Leave-on Follow yourself

[Sunshine Hyaluronic Acid Liquid]

It is also a lifetime product.It is also a product that has been used for several years .A versatile hyaluronic acid serum.hin Hydrating.Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter .need it for all.special winter days with the heating on span>.Many skin care products are not moisturizing enough.So every time I add 1-2drops of hyaluronic acid to my skin care products .The moisturizing effect is really obvious.You can also add it to the makeup..Helps make up more docile .

Let's introduce this today.Thank you for reading❤️

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接着就是面膜啦.像范冰冰说的.闲着没事的时候一定要记得做面膜(没空的话也要抽空做面膜哦)只有平常每日坚持敷面膜.皮肤状态才会好.这款是韩国的oozoo 水光针美白面膜.3个系列.粉色这款有着美白、提亮和补水控油的作用.连孕妇都可以安心使用.

How To Use





5⃣️等待15~20分钟.可以免洗 随自己