Life's first order. Looking forward to the package. It finally arrived after a week, probably because I live on the east coast and the package came from California. Somehow it didn't come from NJ. As soon as I received the item, I couldn't wait to unpack it. This time it was full of pots. Four different hot pots, two types of Korean-style instant rice, and instant noodles are waiting for me to come slowly 😈 Had dinner tonight and just made mung bean soup for dessert. The boiled mung beans are soft, but not rotten. The soup is clear and not too sweet, which is just right for my appetite. Full of happiness! So happy to have discovered Yamibuy, a foodie's paradise. How on earth did I survive before! ? The first batch has just arrived, and I'm already placing the second order.
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生平第一單。 滿心期待的等著包裹。 一個禮拜之後終於到了,可能是因為我住東岸,包裹從加州寄來。不知為何不是從NJ寄來。 東西一收到,迫不及待地拆封。 這次是滿滿的鍋物。 四種不同的火鍋、兩種韓式泡飯、泡麵等著我慢慢臨幸😈 今晚吃過晚餐,剛剛好把綠豆湯開來當甜點。 綠豆煮的軟軟綿綿的,卻不爛,湯清清的,不會太甜,正合我胃口。幸福感滿滿! 好高興發現了Yamibuy這個吃貨的天堂。我以前到底是怎麼活過來的!? 第一批貨剛到,我已經在下第二單了 呵呵呵 大心❤️