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Today we will talk about eight-treasure porridge!

Yinlu's eight-treasure porridge is out of stock all the year round. People like me who are hesitant to buy things are basically out of stock every time they place an order. So every time I have stock, I stock up a bunch and eat slowly when I'm satisfied. As of this posting, I have eaten a few cans

My friend knew that I like Babao porridge, and specially recommended Taishan Babao porridge to me. I thought to myself no eight-treasure porridge can taste better than Yinlu! But for the sake of friends I still have to buy a few bottles and try it again After one bite, I was completely amazed p>

Open the lid That's it

This eight-treasure porridge uses cane sugar and brown sugar instead of white sugar  < /span>with glutinous rice in it oats mung beans red beans and more. The sweetness is just right, and it is sweet and soft in one bite. The ratio of soup to water is also adjusted just right, neither too thick nor too thin.

What surprised me the most was the oatmeal in it, so the actual texture added a little crunchy feeling when eating it. It's not the kind of brittleness that bites the teeth, it's the kind of softness that can make a sound [What the hell am I talking about? ?

Nutrition is balanced, not only for breakfast A diet meal with yogurtorfruit is also great!

If I used to buy eight-treasure porridge If Yinlu is out of stock, I will not buy it. Now Taishan Babao Porridge has also entered my stocking list.

The following is the Yinlu Amway time

Yinlu Eight Treasures Porridge Needless to say, it tastes great from small to big!

Yinlu ~ The Taste of Love I can't say this properly< /span> are all sung.

When I was young, my mother was too busy to cook for me, so I bought Yinlu Babao Porridge, which is convenient, nutritious and delicious!

(I also forgot which one I ate) But it doesn't matter! All in all, both taste very good!

I was in a hurry. I poured the porridge into a bowl, heated it, and poured it back into the can. Because I prefer to eat hot, although room temperature is acceptable, but if there is enough time, I will be so tossing hehe

Yinlu Eight Treasure Porridge is delicious in all flavors! It's just been out of stock, so annoying

I will give you Amway when I buy more delicious eight-treasure porridge next time∠( ”∠)_

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朋友知道我喜欢八宝粥,特意给我推荐了泰山八宝粥。我心想 没有八宝粥能好吃过银鹭的! 不过看在朋友面子上 还是要买几瓶回来试试 结果吃了一口就彻底被惊艳到了

打开盖子 就是这样哒

这款八宝粥用了蔗糖和红糖代替了白砂糖  里面搭配了糯米 燕麦 绿豆 红豆等等。甜度也正合适,一口下去甜甜软软糯糯。汤水比例也调刚刚好,不会太稠也不会太稀。


营养搭配均衡,不仅可以拿来当早餐 也能拿来当减肥餐,搭配酸奶or水果也是棒棒哒!

以前买八宝粥的话 如果银鹭没货就不买了。现在泰山八宝粥也进了我的囤货名单啦



银鹭~爱的味道 我都没办法好好说这句 都是唱出来的。





等我下次买到了更多好吃的八宝粥再给大家安利哟∠( 」∠)_