Bought a lot this month. The dripping incense is easy to use, but I think the rose taste is better. The face wash has not been used yet, and the reviews are not bad. I will buy it and try it as soon as it has a special price. I hope it works well. The glutinous rice cake is ok, I don't have any brown sugar and I think it's sweet enough, but the price/performance ratio is not high, so I won't repurchase. Buy one get one free soy milk is very cheap, buy less.🖐
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这个月买了很多. 次所滴滴香好用,但是觉得玫瑰味道好点. 洗面的还没有用,看评价还不错,一有特价就买来试试,希望好用. 糯米糍粑还可以,我没有点红糖已经觉得够甜了,就是性价比不高,不回购了. 豆奶买一送一很便宜,买少了.🖐