Japan D-PLUS Natural Yeast Long-lasting Fresh Bread Matcha Flavor 🍵 Yami sells this brand of buns Very delicious! Soft and fluffy! Bought matcha flavor 🍵 and milk flavor 🥛 There are also red bean, cream, brown sugar, maple syrup, coffee and other flavors Bread fermented with natural yeast has a super good taste The matcha flavor is a little weak, but it can still be eaten Soft and slightly sweet, very suitable for breakfast with milk 🥛 Each is individually packaged, 80 grams, especially convenient to carry Suitable for students and office workers, if you are in a hurry in the morning, you can bring some small bread Yami's prices are also super cost-effective, at $1.59 each, much cheaper than Japanese supermarkets! When traveling, put some small bread in your bag, you can also satisfy your cravings on the road~
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日本D-PLUS 天然酵母持久保鲜面包 抹茶味🍵 亚米有卖这个牌子的小面包 特别好吃!松松软软! 买了抹茶味🍵和牛奶味🥛 还有红豆、奶油、黑糖、枫糖、咖啡等口味 采用天然酵母发酵的面包,口感超好 抹茶味稍微有点淡,但是也能吃出来 松软微甜,很适合早餐配牛奶🥛 每个都是独立包装,80克,携带特别方便 适合学生族上班族,早上赶时间的话可以带些小面包 亚米的价格也超级划算,每个$1.59,比日本超市都便宜很多! 旅行的时候在包里放一些小面包,路上还能解解馋~