The delivery was really fast this time! 🤩🤩Place an order on April 17th and received it on April 20th! This is the east coast! In the past two years, I have placed an order at Yami many times, but it was the first time I posted an order today😅. As soon as Langweixian arrived, she and her husband took one pack each day, 🤣 One pack per person the next day, and it was gone... Tomorrow will make Mapo Tofu😋... 😒 I regret not buying more boxes of enzymes! ! 😭
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这次发货真的好快!🤩🤩4月17下单,4月20号就收到了!这边是东岸哦!这两年来在亚米下单多次,可是今天才首次晒单😅。浪味仙一到就当天和老公一人一包,🤣第二天又一人一包,就这样就没了…… 明天要做麻婆豆腐😋…… 😒好后悔没多买几盒酵素!!😭