[Annier's Daily Planting] The practice of oily spicy seeds

Newly opened topic explodes a bunchSichuan people , looking at all kinds of bright red sun orders, all kinds of drooling ~~~~~~~~ Annie who is not hot and not fond of it is also coming to sunbathing My Favorite Spicy Spice🔥🔥

This dry dish dipping sauce introduced today is from Shu Jiuxiang. Their hot pot ingredients have always been loved by the masses, and the dry dish dipping from domestic human flesh is also amazing. Girls who love spicy must not miss it!

Individual packaging is very convenient, each packet can be poured into a small bowl, and it is very delicious to cook some vegetables for dipping😋 The ingredients in it are all prepared, so there is no need to add salt or cumin by yourself. It is also possible to add heavy flavors, I will not stop you😂

🔥🔥Ultra-Simple Oil Spicy🔥🔥 p>

Take a small pot and put 0.5 cup of oil (you can choose vegetable oil) Peanut oil or other oil you like, it is better to add some sesame oil to make it more fragrant), turn on medium heat until the oil starts to smoke a little, turn off the heat, pour it into a dry bowl, and finish

Prepared oily hot peppers can be stored in the refrigerator. Great for noodles or in chaotic soup😋

In particular, seasoned chili powder is more fragrant and salty than ordinary chili powder. Vigorously begging Yami to replenish their dry dishes🙏

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拿一个小小锅放入0.5 cup的油(可以选菜油花生油或者别的你喜欢的油,最好再配一些芝麻油更香),开中火烧到油有点开始冒烟,关火,倒入干碟的碗中,完成