#Milktea#Lanfangyuan The wind is a bit strong, although I think everyone is exaggerating, but in terms of taste and taste, it is indeed an excellent student of milk tea beverages. The tea has enough flavor, moderate sweetness and silky smoothness. If there is no purchase limit, it should start a little more. But you are all too capable of grabbing, there is no limit on purchases, it's just a joke 😂
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#奶茶#兰芳园 的风有点大,虽然觉得大家说得有点夸张,但是口感跟味道上来说,确实是奶茶饮料的优等生。茶味够,甜味适中,也挺丝滑的。如果没有限购,应该会入手多一点。不过你们都太能抢了,不限购,也就一个玩笑话😂