Yami's travel season competition results out of the box to share. Share what I bought with you. Especially the Korean cup rice. A must for business travel. A hot dip. The fragrant and hot rice porridge is ready to eat. Convenience and simplicity. There are also noodles in it to satisfy your 2 wishes at once. It's nice to have a spoon. Strongly recommended. 5 boxes in total. This is the first box.
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亚米出游季战果大比拼开箱分享。给大家分享我买的东西。特别是 韩国 cup rice。出差旅游必备。热水一泡。香喷喷热腾腾的米粥 就可以吃了。方便简单。还有面条在里面 一次满足你2个愿望。贴心的是还有勺子。强力推荐的。 共5箱。这是第一箱。