Daily stocking. Compared with instant noodles, I prefer to buy Korean noodles, which are relatively less soft. The middle of the three in the picture is the best, don’t buy the one on the far right. It’s too spicy. I don't like it either. #雳蛳粉# I have been eating snails before, but this time I tried two others. Haohuan snail’s powder is the best, but I don’t like the taste. I highly recommend snail champion! The only snail noodle that you won't feel thirsty after eating it, and it doesn't stink when you cook it!
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日常囤货 .比起即食面,更喜欢买韩国的,相对没那么软.图中三款 中间的最好吃,千万别买最右面那款,太辣了,习惯螺蛳粉放全包辣油的我也不喜欢. #螺蛳粉#之前一直吃螺霸王,这次试了两款其他,好欢螺的粉最好吃,但是味道不喜欢. 极力推荐螺状元!唯一一款吃完不会觉得口渴的螺蛳粉,煮起来也不臭!