Another full box. I used Lu's shampoo and conditioner once, and my hair felt smooth after washing, not bad Allergic to the spring rain spicy yellow mask, this time try pink and black. I also grabbed three flavors of Zeng Mixed Noodles, Cold Noodles and Fulinmen's Rice, stocking up stock up stock up stock up stock 😁
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又是满满一大箱。 用了一次吕那个洗发的和护发的,感觉洗完头发很滑,还不错 对春雨辣个黄色面膜过敏,这次试试粉色和黑色的。 还抢到了三种口味的曾拌面,冷面和福临门的米,囤货囤货囤货😁