The fifth box of the results of the travel season. It is summer. Put the tortoise paste in the refrigerator to chill. Then pour some honey or condensed milk to cool off the heat. For breakfast, I like to drink a bottle of coconut milk ➕dorayaki (Dorayaki). This bottle of coconut milk is one of the goods that has not changed since I was a child and has never changed. Dorayaki also has several flavors. The most basic is the red bean flavor is also Doraemon's favorite food. It is not a problem to have three meals a day when you travel with Yamibuy. But getting fatter. 😂 😂 😂
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出游季战果第五箱。夏天到了。要把龟苓膏放冰箱冰镇。然后倒些蜜糖或者炼乳 消暑降温的食物。 早餐一般我喜欢喝一瓶椰奶➕dorayaki(铜锣烧)。这瓶椰奶是从小喝到现在味道依然没变是无限回顾的货物之一。铜锣烧也有好几个味道。最基本的是红豆味也是多啦A梦最喜欢的食物。出游亚米包你一日三餐不是问题。然而越来越胖。😂 😂 😂