【😈Kitchen】Kaishou Green Bean Smoothie

It's time to eat snail noodles again on the weekend~ Now the weather is getting hotter and hotter, I used to have a cup of mung bean smoothie every day in the domestic summer, and I happened to buy mung bean soup at Yami. Very simple and fast~

Similarly, you can also make red bean smoothie~

Pour mung bean soup into a blender and pour over pre-frozen ice cubes. A bag of mung bean soup is exactly the amount of a cup of mixer, like it~

Then turn on the blender and it will be ready in two minutes~

The finished smoothie looks like this, it is a darker green, a bit close to gray. The sweetness is just right, not very sweet, and it is getting hotter and hotter to come with a bag to relieve the heat and drink! 😋

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