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I still remember that when I was a child, tobacco, alcohol, and tea were always the first choice for gift giving, but now times are different, and everyone’s gift-giving is gradually moving closer to health. After all, everyone is starting to pay attention to their own health. .

This centennial cake is what I would like to recommend to you today! There are two flavors of milky mung bean cake and healthy black sesame cake.  

I have to say that it is really exquisite, both from the exterior packaging and the pastry itself, it is very elegant. The pattern of the pastry is very elegant, which makes people appetizing and reluctant to eat.

Let's post an introduction to this Taiwan·Hundred Years Heritage Gold Award Pastry :

Centennial Cake, Guo Yuanyi's signature item, won the2013Taipei Mung Bean Cake Award People Gold Award. Creamy mung bean cake and black sesame cake are available in two flavors. The mung bean cake with New Zealand cream has a strong milky fragrance. The sesame cake pressed with Taiwan native black sesame has a unique fragrance of sesame oil, wheat flour, fresh cream, and black sesame powder in a golden ratio. The taste is dense and delicate, and it melts in the mouth. Inheriting a century-old cake-making technique, Guo Yuanyi's traditional master has exhausted kneading, kneading, rubbing, wiping and other techniques, and his handwork is just right.

When eating this cake, it can be served with a cup of hot tea. The taste is great, it melts in the mouth, the sweetness is just right, and the elderly can eat it.

I first bought a box to try, but after I finished eating, I bought a few more boxes to give away.

My mother also likes it very much. She said it is really delicious, not only the smooth taste like chocolate, but also the fragrant and delicate feeling , like the taste buds dancing on the tip of the tongue.

Although it is a little expensive, it is really worth the money. Our family has made mung bean cake before, but no matter how delicate it is, it is not as good as this one.

For those who haven't bought it, you can buy a box and try it out. On a leisurely afternoon, lie on the beach chairs with your family and enjoy the sun, with a cup of hot tea in your left hand A piece of pastry in the right hand, I really enjoyed it.

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没买过的朋友们可以买一盒试试看,在一个休闲的午后,和家里人躺在外面沙滩椅上享受阳光,左手一杯热茶 右手一块糕点,啊真享受啊。