💙Japan UNICHARM Unicharm 1/2 water saving cotton pad💙 Two days ago, I stocked up a few boxes of Unicharm's 1/2 water-saving cotton pads. This pad is the first in Japan's COSME Awards. It is said that it has been popular for 10 years and it is super amazing! After all, Unicharm is real Easy to use and cheap! The most famous feature of Unicharm's cotton pads is "water saving". Although there are only 40 sheets in a box, each sheet can be divided into two and can be used for a long time! The water release of this cotton pad is half higher than that of similar cotton pads, which can save more lotion/makeup remover! I generally love to use this cotton pad to wet and remove eye makeup! Wet compress not only saves water, but also loses lint, which is better than ordinary cotton pads! To remove eye makeup, pour the oil on it and put it on for a few seconds and it will fall off! So you don't need to rub your eyes hard! (Don't rub 👀) This one is not recommended to remove makeup because it feels harder and not so soft, especially for girls with thin skin!
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yami_featured_image 💙日本UNICHARM尤妮佳1/2省水化妆棉💙 前两天又囤了几盒尤妮佳的1/2省水化妆棉 这款化妆棉是日本COSME大赏第一位 据说已经火了10年了 也是超厉害了!毕竟尤妮佳是真的好用 而且物美价廉! 尤妮佳化妆棉最出名的一点就是“省水”啦 一盒虽然才40张 但是每张都可以一分为二 可以用很久! 这款化妆棉释水性比同类化妆棉高一半 可以节约更多的化妆水/卸妆水!我一般都爱拿这个化妆棉湿敷和卸眼妆! 湿敷不仅省水 还不掉絮 这点比一般的化妆棉好!卸眼妆的话卸妆油倒上去敷几秒就掉了!所以不需要使劲揉眼睛!(千万别揉👀)这款的话不建议那来卸脸妆 因为感觉比较硬 没那么柔 特别是对皮肤薄的妹子!