💄Gorgeous Lipstick Post | NARS2017 Christmas Box 🎄

😝 Today I want to share with you a NARS Christmas lipstick set that was very popular before and I personally like very much! The box is very textured and feels very heavy to hold hahahaha~ and there are four in total, each color will never step on thunder, very beautiful, very everyday, and very worthy of collection!

1⃣️NARS2017 Christmas Box

❤First of all, let me say that the packaging box is very textured and feels very heavy to handle. It is a solid acrylic box and is semi-spherical and transparent. There is a photo of European and American people in it. It is very special and has a sense of design. The ordinary version of the lipstick set is quite high in appearance!

❤Texture: Normal level, not very dry or moist but not very sticky! This set of four lipsticks is really super high in color saturation (NARS's colors are very full!) There is no particularly big fragrance  The degree of dipping is normal~

❤Personal color test evaluation: I also said that these four are really every girl will like~ The four colors are Dolores, Charlotte, Lee, Josephine and each color is different and can be used in It is very practical for different occasions. Normal smearing will not be very old-fashioned and gaudy!

1. Dolores crimson: a shade of brick red deeper than Lee, also known as crimson, more temperamental, with a red tone, very suitable for parties, formal occasions, a very temperamental color, beautiful! !

2. Charlotte ox blood red with purple tone: one with a purple tone is more suitable for the royal sister. My personal style prefers a cute one. This is not very suitable for me. I feel that this color reminds me of the female editor of a fashion magazine. It feels like that kind of cold and cool royal sister! This is not suitable for yellow skin, it will show black! !

3. Lee brick red: Lee is my favorite among the four. In fact, it is a bit similar to chill. It belongs to brick red. Very friendly!

4. Josephine wine red: a bit of a dark series of wine red ~ it feels very similar to the so-called (after eating children) color that was very popular some time ago hahahaha ~ but this one is very white! Thin coating is very good-looking, the feeling of a beautiful and temperamental lady 😝

😝 Well, today's NARS color test will be posted here. I hope everyone likes my sharing. Like my picture refill ღ( ´ ・ ᴗ ・ ` )  I wish you all a happy and beautiful day 💖

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💄格格的口红帖 | NARS2017圣诞套盒🎄

😝今天准备想要来给大家分享是个之前很红并且个人超级喜欢的一个NARS的圣诞套盒口红!套盒很有质感很有手感 拿上手很重哈哈哈哈~并且一共有四只 每只颜色都绝不踩雷 非常的好看 很日常 也很值得收藏!


❤首先说一下包装 套盒很有质感很有手感 拿上手很重 是一个实心的亚克力盒子 并且是半圆球透明的 里面放了一张欧美人的照片 蛮特别的 很有设计感 区别于普通版的口红套盒 颜值算是挺高的了!

❤质地:正常水平吧 不会很干 也不算润 但是不会很卡纹! 这一套四支口红真的是颜色饱和度都超级高 (NARS家的色都很饱满!) 没什么特别大的香味  沾杯程度正常吧~

❤个人试色测评:前面也说了这四只是真的每个女孩子都会很喜欢的~四只颜色分别是Dolores,Charlotte,Lee,Josephine 而且每一支的颜色都不同可以用在不同的场合 很实用 正常的涂抹是不会很老气和艳俗的!

1. Dolores 绯红:比Lee深一个色调的砖红 也叫作绯红吧 更气质 带红调 很适合参加聚会啊 正式场合 很有气质的一个颜色 美美哒!!

2. Charlotte 牛血红带紫调:带紫红色调的一支 更适合御姐吧 我个人的风格比较喜欢可爱一点儿的 这个不是太适合我 感觉这个颜色让我想到了时尚杂志女编辑的感觉 就是那种高冷的酷酷的御姐!这只不适合黄皮 会显黑!!

3. Lee 砖红色:这四只里面最喜欢的就是Lee啦 其实它有点儿近似chill 是属于砖红色的 特别的好看薄涂或者正常涂都很显气色显白 关键是白皮黄皮都很友好啦!

4. Josephine酒红色:有点儿暗黑系列的酒红色~感觉很像之前一段时间很流行的所谓的(吃完小孩)颜色哈哈哈哈~但是这只非常显白!薄涂就很好看 美丽气质小姐姐的感觉😝

😝 好啦今天的NARS试色就发到这里啦 希望大家喜欢我的分享 喜欢我的图片 笔芯 ღ( ´ ・ ᴗ ・ ` )  愿大家都有开心美好的一天 💖