[Xiuyang Kitchen] Grilled Pork Ribs with Soy Sauce

In China, the sheep who do not touch the spring water with their ten fingers came to the United States, but they still admitted their counsel, and gradually embarked on the road of cooking.

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The finished product is as follows:

Are you drooling! The red is crab sticks. Super delicious!

The tutorial is here!

☝️Pork ribs are supermarket boughtpork baby ribs, a whole article.

1.Rinse, cut, and soak the ribs1Remove blood in about an hour, remember to change the water about 20minutes.

2. Drain and marinate. 

Sauce: four spoons: cooking wine Light soy sauce

           Three spoons: dark soy sauce, oyster sauce.

Throw4/5 rock sugar into it, stir the sauce evenly, and serve it to the ribs wrap.

Boxed. (Remember to cover) Refrigerate for more than 33hours. Because the ribs are relatively large, it is easy to taste.

(I usually marinate overnight, marinate the night before and bake at noon the next day)

This is what it looks like after marinating and placing it in a baking pan

3. Pour a little oil on the baking pan and put the marinated ribs evenly in.

Seasonings: Paprika, Pepper, Cumin 2:1:1Mix well and apply to each rib. A little more is more delicious. With so many ribs, I will prepare a small half bowl.

👇This is what it looks like

6 chopped garlic and r0 it on the surface of the ribs. You can put more if you like, the taste is not too heavy. Finally pour in all the remaining marinade. Cover the baking sheet with foil.  

4. Preheat oven

bake 220Celsius, Fahrenheit435 or so? Heat up and down for 40 minutes, then remove the foil and sprinkle with chopped green onion. At this time, the ribs have shrunk, and there is a lot of soup. You can put some easy-to-cook foods such as crab sticks, bacon rolls, and onions in the space.

broil Mode260 Degrees Celsius uncovered and then bake10minutes to allow the crab sticks to wrap 🥓And the onion fully absorb the juice and make the surface of the ribs a little crisper.

5. Success. Delicious.

☝️A rib with the right sauce ratio.   According to the amount of ribs, can be proportional increase or decrease.

☝️The whole process of roasting does not need to be flipped~

                      ;             Advanced🐑< span class="s1">Little Chef,18.6.7.

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☝️排骨就是超市买的pork baby ribs,一整条。


2. 捞出腌制. 

料汁:四勺:料酒 生抽






3. 烤盘倒少许油,把腌好的排骨均匀放进去。

调料:辣椒粉、 胡椒粉、孜然粉2:1:1的比例混合均匀,抹在每一根排骨上。料多一点比较好吃。这么多排骨我会备上小半碗。



4. 烤箱预热

bake 220摄氏度,华氏435左右?上下火40分钟,然后取出揭开锡箔纸,撒上葱花。这时候排骨缩小了,汤汁很多,空隙可以放些容易熟的比如蟹肉棒,培根卷,洋葱之类的。

broil 模式260摄氏度不要覆盖地接着烤10分钟,让蟹肉棒培根卷🥓和洋葱充分吸收汁水也让排骨表面更干脆一点。

5. 成功。美滋滋。

☝️一条排骨,这个酱汁比例刚好。   根据排骨的量,可以按比例增减。