【Follow Gege to eat Chengdu😋】Yami's same Lay's Spicy Big Wave Potato Chips

👉🏻跟着格格吃成都 Want to bring you snacks hahahaha~~! ! That is Yami's same LeTV spicy big wave potato chips Why recommend this potato chips Of course it's because we, like spicy lover, love it all.  So you can't let go of spicy snacks when you eat them~ My mom says I'm crazy about spicy I really don't have every meal The kind that really don't eat spicy~

😁Compared to other small fresh cucumber flavors🥒 Tomato flavor🍅 span>This is really heavy taste And the big wave shape is more delicious Feels ~crunchy and super cool It is simply the gospel of the fat house girl! Eating big waves Watching TV series < span class="s3">Chat I can't be more satisfied! And the new Spicy Big Wave Potato Chips also give away10g < /span>I am afraid that the beautiful girls will not have enough to eat! Super sweet hahahaha!

💗These spicy big wave chips are really spicy So be sure to drink it with water Otherwise it will feel a little greasy and heavy Hahaha! But sipping your fingers after eating it is really delicious! This one also has a barbecue flavor and a sizzling squid flavor! The sizzling squid is also super delicious the squid tastes particularly strong But the girls who don't mind definitely don't like it very much Eating the whole thing will taste like squid Hahaha~! If you like this potato chip, please buy it immediately Otherwise, Yami will be out of stock and you won't be able to eat it. ! !

😝 Ok today # 跟着格格吃成都 # That's it I hope you like my sharing Like my picture Bi Xin ღ( ´ ` ) Hope you all have a great day 💖

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👉🏻今天的跟着格格吃成都 想要带大家吃零食哈哈哈哈~~!!那就是亚米同款的乐视辛辣大波浪薯片 为什么推荐这款薯片 当然是因为我们这种嗜辣爱好者就是无辣不欢  所以吃零食也是不能放过辣的~我妈妈说我已经对辣几近癫狂 我真的是每顿饭没有辣真的就不吃的那种~

😁比起其他的小清新黄瓜味啊🥒 番茄味呢🍅 这款真的算重口味 而且大波浪形状的吃着更有感觉~脆脆的超级爽 简直就是肥宅少女的福音啊!吃着大波浪 看电视追剧啊 聊天啊 简直不能太满足!而且新款的这个辛辣大波浪薯片 还要赠送10g 就怕美少女们吃不够呢!超贴心哈哈哈哈!

💗这款辛辣大波浪薯片是真的辣味比较重 所以一定要配水喝 不然会感觉有点儿油腻和重口哈哈哈!不过吃完抿一抿手指真的也超够味!这款还有烧烤味 还有铁板鱿鱼味道!铁板鱿鱼也超级好吃 鱿鱼味道特别重 不过介意的妹子肯定不怎么喜欢 吃完整个手上都是鱿鱼味道哈哈哈~!如果你也喜欢这款薯片就赶紧买起来吧 不然亚米又断货了就真的吃不到了!!

😝 好啦今天的 # 跟着格格吃成都 # 就到这里啦 希望大家喜欢我的分享 喜欢我的图片 比心 ღ( ´ ` ) 愿大家都有开心美好的一天 💖