[Fried Chicken Amway] This is definitely the mildest contact lens eye drop I have ever used, and it is super friendly to sensitive eyes. My eyes are very sensitive. Except for Johnson & Johnson's daily disposables, I have a foreign body sensation, and I am afraid to drop cool eye drops. Sometimes the eyes will be dry after wearing for a long time, so keep this eye drop and it will relieve a lot. It is said to protect the cornea?
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【炸鸡安利】这个绝对我是用过最温和的隐形眼镜眼药水了,对敏感的眼睛超级友好。 我眼睛特别敏感,除了强生的日抛以外戴着都很有异物感,滴清凉的眼药水都怕。有时候眼睛戴久了眼睛也会干,所以常备这个眼药水滴一下就缓解很多。据说能保护眼角膜?