I can't help but place a lot of orders, even if I still have stock at home, I will try to stock up. I would highly recommend this hot pot base. Seriously, I haven't bought anything else since eating this one. Simply incomparable. Super tasty. By the way, I’m looking forward to the Mooncake Festival 😍 Only on Yami can you find all kinds of delicious mooncakes, it’s only once a year, happiness
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总是忍不住会下好多单,哪怕家里还是有存货也会努力囤。想强烈推荐下这个火锅底料。说真的,自从吃过这款之后别的我都不再买了。 简直没法比。 超级好吃。 顺便说下好期待月饼节啊😍 只有在亚米上能淘到各种好吃的月饼 一年就那么一次 幸福