【Fried Chicken Twist Shop】Who are you going to pick? The two I've eaten recently, one is the Blessed Twist Roll that I ate for the first time, and the 18th Street Twist that was given to me during the festivals when I was a child. The Fuwei Twist Rolls are coated with a layer of sugar, which is a bit sweeter and lighter. Under the frosting is a crispy twist. You can eat one bite after another. Even if you eat too much, you will not feel so tired. The oily taste will be heavy, but the taste is relatively rich, can you eat a light hawthorn and salt and pepper flavor? Although I add sweet-scented osmanthus, I can't really taste it (osmanthus is fried chicken and can't eat top3). In short, it is still the taste of my childhood, classic. All in all, children make choices, and as an adult, I pick them all!
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【炸鸡麻花铺】这两款你准备pick谁? 作为坚定不移的甜党,麻花炸鸡一定要吃甜的。最近吃的两款,一款是头一次吃的福味麻花卷,和小时候逢年过节都有人送的十八街麻花。 福味麻花卷外面裹了一层糖是偏甜口味,比较清淡,糖霜下面是脆脆的麻花,可以一口接一口吃,就算吃多了也并不会觉得那么腻 十八街麻花相对而言油味会偏重,但是口味比较丰富,能吃出淡淡的山楂和椒盐味?虽然加了桂花但是我吃不太出来(桂花是炸鸡不能吃top3),总之还是小时候的味道,经典。 总而言之,小孩子才做选择,做为一个成年人,我全都pick!