I placed an order after a long time~ Super delicious Vita Ceylon tea ☑️ Super delicious instant noodle soup expert ☑️ Pocky's favorite strawberry flavor ☑️ Want Want series that I haven't eaten in a long time ☑️ The little boss who engages in activities, seaweed ☑️ Planted twist potato chips, all kinds of water ☑️ Jujube with walnuts and red dates juice that has never been eaten ☑️ Sure enough, I am the happiest to stock up on goods\(≧▽≦)/
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隔了好久的下单~ 超好喝的维他锡兰茶☑️ 超好吃的泡面汤达人☑️ 百奇里的最爱草莓味☑️ 好久没吃的旺旺系列☑️ 搞活动的小老板海苔☑️ 被种草的麻花薯片各种水☑️ 没吃过的枣夹核桃红枣汁☑️ 果然屯货什么的最开心了\(≧▽≦)/