[Fried Chicken Amway] After my tireless search for the goods, Yami finally has this brand of Korean fried rice cakes! Immediately placed an order for each package, and after confirming that I will not run out of stock, I will give you Amway. . It's not too spicy and a little sweet, and the rice cake tastes very glutinous and chewy! Don't look at a small cup, it's very hungry when it's a late night snack Add cheese and reheat it to taste even better! Next time, I hope Yami can add cheese flavor! It's really one of the best flavors of this brand. (according to inch and measure ing)
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【炸鸡安利】在我孜孜不倦地求上货之后,亚米终于有这个牌子的韩国炒年糕了!立刻每个包装的都下单了,确认自己不会断货之后悄咪咪给你们安利了。不会太辣带点微甜,年糕口感特别糯有嚼劲!别看小小一杯,当宵夜很解饿 加上芝士再加热更好吃噢! 下次希望亚米可以进芝士口味的!真的是这个牌子最好吃的味道没有之一。(得寸进尺ing)